Vital Affiliates

I love connecting with companies that share my vision, my philosophies, and my desire to lead healthier happier lives. Therefore, I am proud to be associated with the following companies. Check out their pages and spread the word.

Sugar By Half

I am so proud to be an ambassador for the Sugar by Half movement. This is a fantastic cause aimed at reducing the amount of sugar we eat.


Having the right kitchen appliances is VITAL if you are leading a clean and healthy lifestyle. That's why ​I love my Froothie blender (Optimum G2.1), which I use to make smoothies, dips and raw treats! Click on the image below to start shopping and get yours!

Street Organics

​I've been a client of Street Organics for a while now, and love their philosophy towards food. Visit their website, have a look at all their great healthy produce, and join up to become a member (click here to go straight to the membership page) which gives you discounts on food, events, and store produce!

The Real Food Revolution

​I love the guys behind the The Real Food Revolution. They help you discover the truths around real food and understand how to be the healthiest, happiest version of you. Right now they have their annual one-day event coming up: Happy, Healthy, You. Click on the image below to be taken to their website to find out more about it!