The Vital Assurance Story

Hi, I’m Keren Slutzkin, a holistic health coach who supports busy, stressed-out women to fall back in love with their kitchens and themselves.

Living a busy working life with two young children, I understand the pressure women feel to juggle it all and lead the family in creating a healthy lifestyle. But picking out the nuggets of truth from all the information on Google can feel impossible. And where would you even start, anyway? Not to mention how do you keep yourself motivated to change those ingrained habits?

I hear you and that’s why I created Vital Assurance.

I know first-hand how quickly good intentions fade during that chaotic 4:30-7:30pm timeslot, or the busy mornings where coffee is breakfast and you stuff a packet of something sweet in your handbag to keep you going through the day.

You don’t need to feel ill, burnt out, or tired every single day.

Health coaching can change all this and I want to make the journey to a vibrant, healthful life so much easier for you. 

My years of experience in the health industry, and as a working mum, give me unique abilities to support busy women to make lasting lifestyle changes. For themselves and their families.  

I provide one-on-one health coaching programs, cooking classes, and informative workshops with the philosophy that health is a whole-person venture. This means that not only do I design my programs around your lifestyle and your story, but we look at you, as a whole being, with spiritual and emotional needs as well as physical.

Your success is my success, and I am dedicated to making sure you achieve your goals and feel well from the inside out.

My work aims to educate and inspire you so you are always equipped to make good choices.

When you’re ready, my coaching programs can help you stop worrying about your health, and start making the necessary changes that will help you become the woman you were meant to be.

My Story

My personal story begins in 2013, when I was struggling to maintain my corporate occupational rehabilitation work and be present as a wife and mother. My life felt like a gauntlet of the usual crazy morning routine followed by a hectic day of work then racing home to throw something together from a jar before scrambling to get the kids to bed. A few short hours in my own bed then start all over again the next day. Rinse and repeat.

Stuck in this never-ending cycle of stress and rushing, my passion for my work was suffering, as was my health. I had to make a change - to bring my smile back, to fuel my body better, to change my health for lifelong well-being.  
Soon after my own journey back to health began, a friend suggested I carry my passion for health and helping people through to personal training. This was the push I needed to quit my corporate job and study a Certificate III and IV in Personal Training with the Australian Institute of Fitness. Ever since then I have been training people in a gym connected to my house here in Melbourne.

The transition from PT to Certified Health Coach was a natural progression as I realised that women needed more than just exercise and food to feel well.

Like many of the women I was meeting, I wanted to make a difference to not only my own health, but the health of my family. This lead me to experiment with a clean eating diet and discover the Institute of Integrated Nutrition where I started my training as a Health Coach.

The timing was perfect, and in one blaze of glory, I emptied our house of every bit of processed food, learnt as much as I could about how food can fuel, nourish and heal the body, and started building a library of easy-to-make recipes that supported my health and well-being. I was amazed at the new energy we all had with this change and with my new-found love for preparing healthy food for my family and friends. I  wanted to start sharing this revelation with others.

Now my passion is running Vital Assurance, as the reassuring hand on the shoulder of women facing the same fears, bad habits and daily challenges I had (and still do). I love the work I do, and how I can see REAL changes in the women I work with.

I hope you’ll join me in one of my coaching programs, I’d love to show you a new way to live.

Yours in good health,

Keren Slutzkin
Certified Holistic Health Coach

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