If you’re a busy working woman
who knows it’s time to make healthy changes
to your lifestyle but you don’t know where to start,
you're in the right place!

Are you tired of hearing about all the food trends and things you ‘must do’ to be healthy but not knowing whether they’re worth the hype? 

Actually, are you just tired, burnt out and not feeling great (inside or out), full stop?

You rush through the morning routine to get to work where your day is back-to-back meetings until you rush out the door at 5pm to pick up the kids so you can rush through creating something quick and easy for dinner. And then the chaotic night time routine begins and you fall into bed to do it all again tomorrow. Wait, did you even eat your own dinner?

You’re on your sixth diet or weight loss program this year. The last five failed miserably but you’ve got great hopes for this one because a couple of girls at work said it changed everything for them.

You’ve lost count of how many exercise regimes you’ve started and given up on, and think you’re just lazy and can’t stick to anything.

The rut you’re in is so deep you can barely even see over the side of it anymore and you’ve forgotten what it’s like to feel like yourself. You’re desperate to make a change but can’t get your head around all the options, and things just keep getting worse.

STOP. Take a breath. I can help.

Hi, I’m Keren, a certified holistic health coach, supporting women to achieve their exciting
new lives of vibrant health and vitality.  

I’ve faced my fair share of challenges including balancing a full-time job with motherhood, having a shaky relationship with my own health, and healing an autoimmune disease. I became a health coach and created Vital Assurance to help women just like you regain their sense of self and set themselves and their families on a path to well-being that will last a lifetime.

My transformational health coaching packages empower you to blast through the overwhelm and step confidently into the new lifestyle you imagine for yourself and your family.  

Together we discover:

  • How you can start having more energy and vitality almost immediately
  • The four areas you MUST work on to become a more vibrant, healthy you
  • What primary foods are and why you need to focus on them (hint: they’re not what you think!)
  • check
    Your unique blockers that have been holding you back, AND how you can free yourself of them for good
  • check
    Where you are now and your EXACT path to get to where you want to be
  • check
    How certain foods can help you beat your health challenges for good
  • check
    And MORE!

Jump feet-first into your new life! 

Book in your free 15 minute discovery session to talk through your goals with me.