When: March 2, 2019 from 2 PM to 4 PM
What: Mindful Eating Workshop (Armadale)
Where: The Beatt Wellness, 25 Beatty Av, Armadale VIC 3143
Tickets: Click here (tickets sold via Eventbrite)

A 2 hour Workshop facilitated by certified Health Coach Keren Slutzkin and qualified Mindfulness Teacher Stephanie Beauverd.

Discover the power of MINDFUL EATING! 

Mindful eating can transform your relationship with food. It can help you get relief from the emotional stress or guilt that comes with dieting or weight management. 

> Learn easy practical mindful eating tips and exercises that will help you enjoy food more without emotional guilt or stress. 

> Experience an informative, interactive afternoon in a safe space.

> Additional Gifts: 2 mindfulness audio tracks, a mindful eating tip-sheet and bonus recipes.