Have you been promising yourself more holidays
to help you restore your well-being?

Or perhaps you think you just need a bit more sleep?
Or to lose that last 5kg?

The truth is, these things are simply
external solutions to an internal problem.

Are you ready to end the cycle of illness, antibiotics, and fad diets?

You’ve been told that one more supplement or vacation is the answer to feeling drained and flat all the time (and the mysterious way your clothes seem to be shrinking). 

But true health, true vitality, and true well-being, comes from taking control of your life and turning it into the life you lie awake wishing you had. 

If you’re feeling trapped beneath the weight of overwhelm, not knowing where to turn and wondering if this exhaustion and hectic lifestyle are here to stay … then let me help.

Health Coaching

Vital Assurance health coaching is for you if: 

  • You want to start cooking nutritious meals for yourself and your family 
  • You want to stop wasting time with diets, and start making REAL changes that LAST 
  • You want to understand why you’ve failed in the past and how you’re going to succeed this time 
  • check
    You want someone on your side who understands where you’ve been and can help you get to where you’re going. 

I offer three health coaching services to support you wherever you are in your health journey. 

Health Coaching Programs

Changing your lifestyle is more than just changing your shopping list.

Working with me is different from other health coaches because I believe in a holistic, whole person philosophy. You’re more than just a wife, friend, sister, or ‘Mum’. You’ve got your own vibrant light to shine. Isn’t it time for you to let it out?

Give me a call to book your free discovery session, and find out how I can help and which package is right for you. Let’s take the next step together.

Keren Melbourne Health Coach

4 Week Program ~ Food Focus

This is for you if:

  • You’re really ready to make lasting changes this time
  • You want to work on your relationship with food
  • You need quick and easy solutions to making healthier food choices without the headache
  • check
    You want to start feeling better almost immediately and want someone to show you the way.

8 Week Program ~ Food & Health Focus 

This is for you if:

  • You’re ready to address both your food and health challenges
  • You need quick and easy solutions to creating healthy habits (and not just in the kitchen)
  • You want to know how to shop and cook healthier - without long hours over the stove
  • check
    You want to understand how your unique health challenges can be influenced by eating certain foods.

12 Week Program ~ All-In 

This is for you if:

  • You are fed up with your existing lifestyle and are ready to take it to the next level NOW
  • You want a deep, in-depth exploration of what true, lasting, lifestyle change means
  • You’re ready to say goodbye to the overwhelmed old you and hello to a vibrant new you
  • check
    You know you’ll need extra support to change your habits and really make this happen.

“Keren is amazing! Keren is understanding and helpful in creating a health/fitness journey that is suited to you and your lifestyle. She is an excellent support and will motivate you all along the way to help you reach your goals!” - Miriam Lange

Work With Me


4 week program




  • 5 coaching sessions
  • Health Assessment & Goal Setting
  • 10+ Recipes & Detox eBook
  • Food Intake & Motivation Review
  • Email Support Throughout

12 week program




  • 12 coaching sessions
  • Health Assessment & Goal Setting
  • 10+ Recipes & Detox eBook 
  • 4 Week Meal Plan
  • 1 Week Exercise Plan
  • check
    Fat Burning eBook
  • check
    Kitchen Detox Session
  • check
    Private Cooking Class
  • check
    Master Detox 
  • check
    Sleep Management & Stress Support
  • check
    Exercises To Form New Habits
  • check
     Email Support Throughout

Virtual coaching is available. Virtual sessions are available via Zoom (free app).
All program fees are paid upfront unless arranged otherwise.

Take the first step towards a healthier you 

Book in a free 15 minute discovery session about choosing a program that will work for you.