JBT Program

JBT Program

What are you wanting to change in your life?

Improved general health and wellbeing?
Find internal peace and happiness?
Learn more relaxation and spiritual practices?
Lose weight?
Gain Muscle?
Tone Up?
Sleep Better and Decrease Stress?
Heal Digestive Issues?
Improve hair skin and nails?
Regular Motivation, Support and Accountability?

What is the JBT Program?

A complete guide to health and wellness.
Loaded with family friendly recipes, which partners and kids alike will love.
Easy to recreate and not restrictive.
No dieting or deprivation - this plan is to teach you healthy eating habits for life.
Enjoyable, Sustainable, Delicious

What changes can I expect?

- Reduced Body Fat and Weight Loss
- Muscle Toning and Strength
- Decrease cellulite
- Improved Digestion
- Boost Immune system and functioning
- Increase cravabilty for good wholesome food.
- Decrease sugar cravings
- Increased energy, clarity and focus
- Better quality of life and wellbeing
- Better sleep habits- Healthier hair, skin and nails
- Create Healthier habits
- Learn why how to eat better for life and increase variety of foods in diet

What does the JBT program include?

- Complete Printable PDF Guide (vol 1 and 2)
- Thermomix Recipe Book
- Weekly Meal plans - includes Vegetarian
- Exercise Workout Plans,
- Shopping lists,
- Food and Exercise Diary- Monthly 1 on 1 Private Health Coaching Sessions
- 100% natural, vegan & gluten free wholefood supplement pack to suit your personal goals
- Wholefoods Recipes - with plenty of your naughty favs recreated into healthier versions
- Gentle Optional Cleanse Plan
- Access to regular online educational webinars
- Access to our online private support network - with continuous updates
- 24/7 support from your health coach

- BONUS Optional Intensive 8 Week Shred Program/Challenge
- BONUS Christmas Recipe Book
- BONUS Kids Eat FREE - We know that nourishing your kids is just as important- our program is all about helping your little ones to have more concentration, energy and guaranteed to help them crave more of the good stuff and less of the naughty stuff (shown to improve cravability for fruits and veggies)