Why "Vital Assurance"?

Hi, I'm Keren, and welcome to Vital Assurance, your place for holistic health coaching to live, learn and love. I chose VITAL ASSURANCE as my company name because I will provide you with all the VITAL information that you need to live a better life. With this information you will be given ASSURANCE that you are doing the right thing for your body.

I will inspire you in a nurturing environment of support and guidance in order to help you to achieve your health and wellness goals. We will work together to implement lifestyle and behavioural changes, help you reach your goal weight, combat food cravings, increase energy levels, improve digestion, have a better night's sleep, reduce stress and much, much more.....

Join me on this journey to help you live, learn and love!

About Me

Vital Assurance was created by Keren Slutzkin in 2015. As a personal trainer with a physiotherapy background, Keren completed her training with the internationally renowned Institute of Integrative Nutrition to allow her to offer even more health and wellness services to her clients. Click below to read the whole story.


Here you will find all the delicious and nutritious recipes that have been tried and tested on my family and friends! Best of all they are healthy too. Click here for more.

Healthy Tips

If it's not about food, and not about exercising, you'll find it here. Handy life tips are stored here, to help you live, learn and love to the max. Click here for more.

Work with Me

Are you looking to make changes to the way you look and feel? Find out more about the JBT program and how to work one-on-one with me. Click here for more.