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JBT – The Complete Lifestyle Overhaul

This package includes:

- 1 on 1 monthly coaching with Keren // 1 per month for length of program
- Full Access to the JBT Program // and Bonuses (full details here)
- Fruit and Vegetable Wholefoods Nutritional Capsules complete with 30 different fruits and veggies and grains.
- 120 Natural Vanilla // Chocolate Plant Based Complete Shakes (1 per every day of your JBT Program) *vegan, gluten free made with whole foods and superfoods
- Bonus // One Child Supply of Wholefoods Nutritional Support for free

$62.50 AUD / PER WEEK

$34.45 USD / PER WEEK
£22.60 UK / PER WEEK
**please note if you are located elsewhere in the world - get in contact today!

**additional one off freight cost not included/shipped automatically every 4 months

This package is for you if you want to make changes to 1 or more of the following:

- Having trouble consuming enough fruits and veggies in your diet for whatever reason
- Decrease sugar cravings
- Increased energy
- Look better from the inside out
- Lose body fat, increase the bodies natural ability for weight loss and reduce cellulite
- Wanting to decrease stress and better the quality of your sleep
- Always getting sick and need to boost bodies natural immunity.

Who can honestly say that they eat enough fruits and veggies every day?

The nutritional support in addition to the program will help you to gain amazing results and to help you bridge the gap between what you are currently eating and what you should be eating every day.
When we give our bodies the nutrients it needs and is missing it is then able to heal, grow and change.

Fruit, Veggie & Berry Capsules

100% natural and vegan made from pure ingredients which are carefully created, straight from farm to the capsules.
Water is removed from the fruits and veggies to leave just the nutrients we need.
Packed with enzymes, vitamins and minerals along with antioxidants and phytonutrients to help them maximise health.

Complete Shakes (Available in Vanilla or Chocolate)

These come in convent single serves - great for those who are often on the go, providing you with wholefood nutrition- easy to keep in your handbag//gym bag.
These are great to use as part of your fitness routine or as part of your health journey with me, throw them in your morning smoothie.
Loaded with Vegan, Plant Based Protein, Superfoods and other Nutrients.