From Burnt Out to Breakthrough!

?‍♀️ Hands up if you’re feeling exhausted and burnt out? 
?‍♀️ Hands up if you’re counting down the days until your holiday?
?‍♀️ Hands up if each day just feels like a struggle?
I know. I used to feel this way too. ?
At times, it didn’t even matter if I got 9 hours of sleep overnight. I used to wake up feeling absolutely exhausted, almost like I had never slept. ?
Holidays were always amazing, but then a couple of days before it would end, I would always get that sick, anxious feeling in my stomach.
Why? Because I was thinking about the holiday ending and having to come home and get back into the same old routine. 
I had to plan the next holiday before this one finished so that I knew another break was coming up.
Then, when I started on my journey to improve my health and wellness, I realised that I actually could feel a lot better within myself every single day.
I had the energy and vibrancy I needed to get through the day without it being an absolute struggle.    

I would wake up early (without an alarm!) because my body didn’t need any more sleep.

I could enjoy my holiday the entire time and come back feeling relaxed because I knew that I could cope with my normal day to day activities.
Doesn’t this sound amazing? ?
And I know that you may think that it’s unbelievable, but I know that you can feel like this too. 

Watch the video below to hear my three small changes you can make this week to start feeling better.

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Keren is the founder of Vital Assurance, and hopes to bring to you her passion for healthy eating and living.