No Bake Salted Chia Bars

I love entertaining and it's important for me to be able to offer a selection of foods that I am comfortable and happy to provide.  These bars are so quick and easy to make and taste delicious.  Being raw they are always an option for me especially when I don't have much time.

1 cup pitted Medjool dates, packed
5 tablespoons raw cacao powder
1 cup raw almonds
2 tablespoons chia seeds
½ cup walnuts
½ teaspoon salt (more for sprinkling)
¼ cup unsweetened shredded coconut
1 tablespoon water (if needed)

Line an 8 x 8in pan with parchment paper or plastic wrap and set aside.

Place all ingredients in a large food processor and process for a couple minutes until the “dough” forms a ball. If it’s too crumbly, add 1 tablespoon water. You want the nuts in small pieces, so you may need to move everything around with a fork and keep blending.

Remove dough from food processor and press into lined pan until smooth and even. Sprinkle lightly with salt. Freeze for at least two hours before cutting into 8-10 bars. Store bars in fridge or freezer.


Keren is the founder of Vital Assurance, and hopes to bring to you her passion for healthy eating and living.